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Above Me at the Montreal Botanic Garden

The Above Picture is Montreal City hall

Here Is Why I would like to be young again!

Even though I'm over 68 I still work as an Independent design draftsman under Rudy Design Service. I speak fluently French and English. I only wish I could speak more languages. I like all cultures. Like the pope Jean Paul use to say be always proud of your culture. You are all children of God. In Montreal we have many marriages between different cultures. That's why some of the girls in Montreal are so exotic and beautiful. My wife is a mixture of Philippians, Spanish, and her father was Chinese. My kids are French, Philippians, Chinese, and of course French Canadian. They sure look a lot better than I do!

Mixed Culture Beauty

I worked in Newfoundland for over 15 years. I love the people of this Island. They are easy go lucky and always love a good laugh. One friend ask the other: How is your wife and my kids? Instant answer! Not bad boy! But the kids are kind of retards! They love to joke and you always feel at ease with those people.  I hope that the offshore oil brings them prosperity. Did you know that Saint John's Newfoundland is the oldest city in North America. Saint John's was a City even before New York even existed. The problem! It didn't change that much over time. About 100,000 habitants. All the best to all of you and remember we are all brothers and sisters. Our planet is about the size of a grain of sand compare to this vast universe, but its the only one we found so far where life is limitless. The scientists even suspect that there was not just one big bang, but a multiple number of big bangs and universes. Where does this put us in relation to such gigantics and infinite numbers of universes. Lets appreciate each others, each cultures, and the gift of life and why not respect all living things also, including insects. We need them. Most of them are actually our best friends.

Newfoundland scenery

Listen to the song of the cicada

Cicadas are very interesting insects. They are totally without any self defense, totally harmless, yet they have been on this planet for over 365 million years. Isn’t that strange or not? They stay a few months above the earth and then disappear again underground for another seventeen years.


Dont you think they are cute or am I crazy?

You are also invited to read my article about Cicadas.




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