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Good Health Tips

Posted by Rodolphe Cote on December 2, 2011 at 9:20 PM

Your healthy weight.

Your healthy weight isn't some kind of magic number. Nor does it have to do with how you look. It's simply the weight range that's considered healthy for your height.

To know if you're in your heavyweight range, use this calculator tool

Its simply a myth to think that skipping breakfast can help you loose weight. It's just the opposite. People who eat breakfast have an easier time maintaining their weight.

A healthy breakfast should include a source of protein and at least three of the major food groups. For example a banana and peanut butter sandwich with a glass of milk, or a fruit and yogurt smoothie with a whole grain bagel.

Avoid weight loss ideas that just don't work.

Skipping meals or eliminating food groups can contribute to nutritional deficiencies.

Tried to cut out milk products? Forget it. More than 30 scientific studies have shown that the calcium in milk products can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight. Moreover, milk products are loaded with 15 essential nutrients.

Often a lack of protein will lead to craving. And, unfortunately cravings may often lead us to quick-fix foods like cookies, chocolates and donuts.

Drinking milk with your meal is a good way to get good proteins. To prevent craving, choose snack such as yogurt or fresh vegetable with cheese.

Enjoy yourself and stay active.

Being active is as important to a healthy weight as what you eat. Be physically active every day. Shorter periods of about 15 minutes of activity daily are better for you than a full-scale gym workout once a week.

Find an activity that you really like. This is a key to success. Take the time to enjoy what you're doing. You could even include the kids! A great way to teach them what healthy lifestyle habits are all about.

If you have a pet dog; just take him for a long walk each an every day. The dog will be happy and will appreciate it. You will be repaid by a healthier and longer life.


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