Nobody is hiring me... Why?

Posted by Rodolphe Cote on May 12, 2013 at 4:35 PM

Despite the many interviews you succeeded in getting, you do not get any job offer. How to find out what went wrong?

Fight the attitude of defeat! Even disappointed, job seekers must remain proactive. Here's how to get there.


Make a self-assessment. Ask yourself if the desired position is right for you and why it interests you. If you have little interest in this position, you may not give your maximum during the interview. Know and recognize environments which illuminate you and match your desires.

By targeting a businesses that match your values and the more you desire the job, the more convincing you will be with your recruiter.


Your application is not accepted? Ask the recruiter why you have not been selected. Explain to him that you really desired that position and that you wish to know how you can improve your next interview. Your last interviewer is the best person to tell you what he perceived.

If the recruiter let you know that you lacked self assurance, for example, you'll need to show yourself more confident at your next interview.


After each interview, write in your diary your strengths and your weaknesses. If a particular question destabilized you during the interview? Prepare a good answer for your next interview.

Write your skills as well as concrete examples that illustrate them. You will be able to communicate and convince the recruiter that you possess the proper required skills for the position.

Never get discouraged, keep on sending resumes and cover letters to as many employers as you can, until you land the desired job. Quitting is not an option! Never refuse an interview, the more interviews, the better you will get at it.


If several job interviews end in failure, you may seek a job search professional. It will open an objective and external look at your situation.

The youth employment centers, among other things, provide services for job seekers aged 16 to 35 years.

During a private meeting, the counselor will help you determine the points you need ameliorate. He may even simulate a job interview with you to help you improve your chances of being hired during your next job interview.

In Quebec the government has a center where you can get a three weeks training course in french or English on how to present yourself at job interviews , with a complete job research, and they will help you with your CV and cover letter at the Job Research Center, and remember all this is for free.

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